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Bulk Exchange & Service Listings

by JSKitty (2 proposals submitted)

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This proposal aims to fund a variety of different listings from small-sized exchanges, statistics sites, news sites and cryptocurrency directories.

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Over the past few weeks, I’ve been scraping the bottom of the barrel in terms of finding new, small, cheap but somewhat sturdy services in the categories of exchanges, stats sites, news sites, and directories for crypto-businesses and products. I’ve had some good finds, some good deals, and some great marketing potential within them due to their community backing, and I’d like to get some of these services and communities familiar with DeVault.

The meat of the proposal: To fund and initiate listings on such platforms and services, DeVault is visibly already on two decent exchanges, being SouthXChange and Escodex, but, the volume, member counts and monthly-visitors of these small exchanges cumulative, adds up to a decent (imo) return on this proposal’s investment. I am able to list on these small services combined, for less than $250 total. And I believe that is worthwhile.

Whenever progress is made, the original forum post shall be updated with exact details of progress. E.g: "Exchange has been contacted", "Exchange has agreed to a listing", "Exchange has successfully listed DeVault".

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