DeVault Faucet Portal

by JSKitty (2 proposals submitted)

Asking for 500,000.000 DVT
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  • 9,297,768.969 DVT
  • Last vote 8 days ago
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  • 353,451.014 DVT
  • Last vote 17 days ago
  • Ends in 7 days (09/30/2019 8:42:31pm EDT)
  • Started 22 days ago (08/31/2019 8:42:31pm EDT)

(9,651,219.983 of 751,720.266 required coins voted)

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This is a development funding initiative for a faucet-like distribution platform for DeVault that encourages members of the community to share and educate their friends and close ones about the DeVault ecosystem, distributing DVT to members that actively help build, contribute and grow the community through both Social media and Grass roots methods.

Discussion at https://devaultchat.cc/t/proposal-devault-faucet-portal/202


This is a proposal aimed to fully fund the development and maintenance of a Dedicated DeVault Faucet Portal website, a gamified portal that distributes DVT for free based on certain actions.
The ‘gamified’ part comes in with social-actions, such as sharing DeVault media via platforms like Twitter and Reddit, earning extra DeVault for potentially helping onboard more members into the DeVault community.

This aims to distribute DVT fairly, and help encourage members of the community to reach out to their friends and introduce them into the community, hopefully, encouraging a domino effect of user onboarding and community growth, and giving anybody a chance to own a small amount of DVT and participate within the ecosystem of Voting and ColdReward-powered hodling.

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