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Graviex Listing

by Lex (4 proposals submitted)

Asked for 1,750,000.000 DVT
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  • 5,955,843.187 DVT
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  • Ended 7 months ago (08/24/2019 4:34:12pm EDT)
  • Started 8 months ago (07/25/2019 4:34:12pm EDT)

(5,955,843.187 of 508,724.318 required coins voted)

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Hereby I would like to put a proposal up to vote about listing the project on Graviex. Getting listed on Graviex would have two consequenses: (1) We would get listed on WhatToMine as well. This project can really use some independent miners/hash, (2) We would have 3 exchanges in total and thus CMC will have enough data to show proper statistics such as circulating supply. Again increasing our visibility in the crypto sphere. Everyone that contributes to the listing fee of 0.35 BTC will be reimbursed by their relative contribution paid out in DVT. They will be reimbursed in DVT at a static price of 1 DVT = 20 sats (current price = 11 sats).

In total this would mean the current cost of this listing = 0.35 / 0.00000011 = 3,181,818.182 + 10 = 3,181,818.182 $DVT. However, we seem to have found consensus on the reimbursement price of 20 sats for 1 DVT. Meaning the cost of this listing for the community will be = 0.35 / 0.00000020 = 1,750,000 $DVT

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