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Increase Min Balance needed for Cold Rewards to 25000 DVT

by spock (3 proposals submitted)

Asked for 0.001 DVT
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  • 6,915,989.196 DVT
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  • Started 6 months ago (09/09/2019 3:11:10pm EDT)

(9,991,089.954 of 826,078.746 required coins voted)

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10/08/2019 4:33:19pm EDTOKPOSITIVEdevault:qrpy256zkejmsndzd5tu06xqnw3wek649u94dhvjnr500,000.000
synced 5 months ago
10/08/2019 4:31:40pm EDTOKPOSITIVEdevault:qr5h0rm7683kzke2uawfkw8xjstq8rhd6sr9cpnqw81,195,363.000
synced 5 months ago
10/01/2019 6:40:33pm EDTOKNEGATIVEdevault:qzqqk3gns7qnwrql37urktj8vxz4r9q9ags9r0w209500,000.000
synced 5 months ago
10/01/2019 6:39:48pm EDTOKNEGATIVEdevault:qp2e6lxsgmp0u6cv5wx3aukc8y0gr80lcvvwcwke4x600,000.000
synced 5 months ago
10/01/2019 6:39:09pm EDTOKNEGATIVEdevault:qz4f7z8tey0qx8vy605p0lzwl6hhslpyhsywpdx7ks1,644,794.620
synced 5 months ago
10/01/2019 6:38:23pm EDTOKNEGATIVEdevault:qqh5829lk7hfvu2ql0m43tfv0pxfsv6s350xh2sfzj330,306.138
synced 5 months ago
09/15/2019 7:24:29pm EDTERROR!POSITIVEqql0tchn9gcslpl5karu2jrmklw4m3h85y3zpknkkd0.000
synced 6 months ago
09/14/2019 11:12:15am EDTOKPOSITIVEdevault:qqslud3pawklc7emy4gakeygtynrefjnzs3wmeqna31,965,250.080
synced 5 months ago
09/14/2019 8:25:35am EDTOKPOSITIVEdevault:qzak3y7z0ufrqavy8a4edwdnf6wnnr8j8u8a3utv7m859,376.120
synced 5 months ago
09/09/2019 8:05:10pm EDTERROR!POSITIVEdevault:qzvq7raj7ctv63nw5c46r32ewm2q5jhrxvqzzc0g8y0.000
synced 6 months ago
09/09/2019 5:54:31pm EDTOKPOSITIVEdevault:qrtzu8zx7rqcf87ks0ldz8ze204j4ef9tqsmvdjx082,395,999.996
synced 5 months ago
09/09/2019 3:16:09pm EDTERROR!POSITIVEdevault:qzrlg2pa6len5ahxt6vnavdjyt3agqvf0u4anu46mg0.000
synced 5 months ago

Increase the minimum balance needed for Cold Rewards from 1000 to 25000 DVT. Maximum payout limit to be removed (applies to very large balances)

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With a minimum of 1000 DVT, many cold rewards are going to an exchange as miners get payouts from mining pools. The exchange is not forwarding these gains to the traders. Currently about 97% of coins are eligible for cold rewards due to this, which was not the intent also. Raising the threshold to 25000, should help better distribute rewards to ordinary holders

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