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Asking for 1,050,000.000 DVT
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  • 14,374,658.525 DVT
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  • Ends in 2 days (12/16/2019 2:26:18pm EST)
  • Started 12 days ago (12/01/2019 2:26:18pm EST)

(14,374,658.525 of 1,390,383.408 required coins voted)

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12/11/2019 3:39:11am ESTOKPOSITIVEdevault:qpxpna9sj8x3n7mfnyjdykx942vzhmrqjgsz6a658y124,419.790
synced 3 minutes ago
12/11/2019 3:38:28am ESTOKPOSITIVEdevault:qpx7e85avrlmcdjk62dnewkayavaar0veqtjx9aqzs267,700.709
synced 3 minutes ago
12/11/2019 3:37:57am ESTOKPOSITIVEdevault:qryjcxshg32g53tg0aa5zvdccvngljawhyw5rdm2ag280,531.500
synced 3 minutes ago
12/11/2019 3:37:19am ESTOKPOSITIVEdevault:qzdd786g9ewrjjw8pkzuqgvvne02nujh9ceeh0rag4253,125.140
synced 3 minutes ago
12/03/2019 3:20:09pm ESTOKPOSITIVEdevault:qrtzu8zx7rqcf87ks0ldz8ze204j4ef9tqsmvdjx085,429,576.003
synced 3 minutes ago
12/03/2019 11:29:51am ESTOKPOSITIVEdevault:qr5h0rm7683kzke2uawfkw8xjstq8rhd6sr9cpnqw88,019,305.383
synced 3 minutes ago

I’d like to propose a(nother) trading contest.

Discussion at https://devaultchat.cc/t/pre-peakening-trading-contest-southxchange/250


I’d like to propose a(nother) trading contest. Basically the same as the previous one we did @SouthXchange. But let’s make it a bit more exciting and up the ante. I propose a total prize pool of 1,050,000 $DVT. Prizes ranges from 100k for #1 and 5k for #20.

Some Notes:

We have the right to exclude bot volume.
We have the right to pick the winners based on our desired metrics.
The entire prize pool will start off at 1,050,000 DVT and will be open to donations during the month.
There will be 20 traders chosen and they will split the prize pool.
Contest will run from superblock #6 till superblock #7

Prize Pool address is devault:qqzlpa7ue2mcnhgljurxthmh98ccjvvhfuwg4cke8k

Endorsed by