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Reduce coin inflation by reducing time to peak, etc

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Make the peak for shark inflation happen at 6 months instead of 18 months to reduce coin inflation as a way to adjust to market conditions

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For many coins in the past, early adopters were able to buy up lots of coins at very cheap prices and then push up the price for new investors such that the earliest adopters were heavily rewarded with respect to new investors who were attracted by the rising price. While we were trying to avoid this phenomena with our shark inflation emission curve by increasing the inflation rate over time for the first 18 months, we actually suffered from a completely different and unforeseen phenomena. In DeVault’s case, the earliest adopters pushed up the price very high right after launch to an unsustainable level for the size of the community. Since then it has been steadily declining and we now have the earliest adopters at a significant disadvantage with respect to new investors.
So in order to help balance things, I’m proposing to change the shark inflation emission to reach a peak after 6 months instead of the originally planned 18 months. This will not only help the earliest adopters but is also important that we can sustain a budget large enough to fund development and community efforts since we are self funded. Since the budget funds are percentage based, they will also decrease along with mining rewards, but it is hoped that the overall reduction in coins should help compensate for this and add some extra value as well.

Discussion forum has graphs for those interested