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Start Up Cost Proposal #2/#3: Re-Work GUI for Seed Phrases + Recovery Process

by Decentralizd (5 proposals submitted)

Asked for 9,000,000.000 DVT
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  • 5,812,306.846 DVT
  • Last vote 6 months ago
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  • Ended 5 months ago (10/08/2019 1:07:57am EDT)
  • Started 6 months ago (09/08/2019 1:07:57am EDT)

(5,812,306.846 of 818,698.341 required coins voted)

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09/14/2019 11:12:48am EDTOKPOSITIVEdevault:qqslud3pawklc7emy4gakeygtynrefjnzs3wmeqna31,965,250.080
synced 5 months ago
09/09/2019 8:05:53pm EDTERROR!POSITIVEdevault:qzvq7raj7ctv63nw5c46r32ewm2q5jhrxvqzzc0g8y0.000
synced 6 months ago
09/09/2019 11:26:40am EDTOKPOSITIVEdevault:qpxpna9sj8x3n7mfnyjdykx942vzhmrqjgsz6a658y122,883.684
synced 5 months ago
09/09/2019 11:17:53am EDTERROR!POSITIVEdevault:qpdvgj39yz54rmgdt2uvv2czxfx4u8v4xvagqnzadk0.000
synced 6 months ago
09/09/2019 11:17:25am EDTOKPOSITIVEdevault:qrv3j8uqepqal9uwmmzajv84vn4gg6mfcckxpw7hvw47,578.857
synced 5 months ago
09/09/2019 11:16:19am EDTOKPOSITIVEdevault:qq9577h8097uv5glxfkjlyjvucjxp39zpc7hajju4k605,625.520
synced 5 months ago
09/08/2019 6:38:19am EDTOKPOSITIVEdevault:qrtzu8zx7rqcf87ks0ldz8ze204j4ef9tqsmvdjx082,395,999.996
synced 5 months ago
09/08/2019 4:15:29am EDTOKPOSITIVEdevault:qql5qsz5uwqke2ycxjqqkegeh99ngqwwf5k602wvfy674,968.709
synced 5 months ago

We have to readjust the amount of DVT we need to pay for the total .5 btc of bills as the market was not very favorably timed vs the last proposal and the deals we had in place fell through, this is our way to finalize those deals as well as add new folks to them.

This is a follow up proposal to

Discussion at


With the market taking a further downturn while the proposal was being voted on folks decided the deal was not very fair and other than 2 people everyone did not want to adhere to the 14 Satoshi price, thus we would like to place another 9m coins (total of 11.7m) into the multi-signature address for purposes of OTCing them and paying our costs to the 3rd party developers of which the total came to .5 btc.

This would bring the average price per coin OTC currently down in line with the market (4.27 sats). We would like to further add folks to split the amounts off into chunks of .5 and 1m offerings for those interested in order to ensure the decentralization of the sale. First come first serve though as we need to get this paid for we've had these folks waiting for quite some time.

I would request 4m coins added from this superblock as well as 5m coins from the next superblock, upon which time the coins will be handed out to the owners as the 3 month lock will have passed. This should be fine as 10m or more coins are usually created per superblock.

So far we have 2 pledges who have sent btc and are aiming for a total of atleast 10. Please let us know if this interests you.

The previous proposal that was already passed:

As stated before, we will not be pursuing any further 3rd party development such as this until we have our budgets under control.

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