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teamHODL DVT Music Video

by hashbrown (2 proposals submitted)

Asked for 1,039,925.000 DVT
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  • Ended 6 months ago (01/23/2021 4:29:55pm EST)
  • Started 6 months ago (01/08/2021 4:29:55pm EST)

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Funding the shooting of a music video by teamHODL for the DVT song already created.

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Hey everyone,

Again want to apologize for the huge delay in making this proposal after finishing the DVT song and posting a presubmittal post months ago. On the upside I've been making a lot more music lately, and on re-listening to the song again, I definitely think I can touch up some parts.

As far as making the video, we are going tomorrow to film our first music video for our group in years and are brushing the dust off. This will lead to us dropping it and our next EP in the very near future, which will actually give us more exposure and value as a group which should also help the DVT release's efficacy.

As far as cost, I have actually raised my rates recently, but want to honor the original pricing we put forth.

We asked for $1120 worth of DVT which at the current price of $0.00107712 =1039925

Thanks, look forward to getting this out there!

Happy New Year!