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Unnamed Exchange listing

by Lex (4 proposals submitted)

Asked for 1,351,351.351 DVT
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  • 19,524,880.593 DVT
  • Last vote 1 month ago
  • Ended 1 month ago (03/02/2020 5:50:59am EST)
  • Started 1 month ago (02/16/2020 5:50:59am EST)

(19,524,880.593 of 2,139,743.257 required coins voted)

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Unnamed Exchange requested we list with them

Discussion at


Not on CMC yet.
Price: .05 btc (1.25m DVT sold from budget)

Some stats from the DMs:
We get 6 pairs
170 + projects listed
6 months old exchange
We are custom coded script
Not peatio script
We have 2 amazing features
Troll box tipping
Market reactions
Our volume is also less close to .6 to 1 Btc
But we don’t allow market making

(Current pricing = 0.6 $BTC / 3.7 sats $DVT = 1,351,351.351 $DVT)
Requested amount (DVT) will be recalculated relative to market price once payment is needed.